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Create an economy that works for all Vermonters, not just the wealthy few

Today, too many Vermonters struggle to care for and support themselves and their families. Making paid family leave part of every job, creating affordable housing, and expanding access to high quality child care improves the lives of Vermont’s working families, puts more money into Vermont’s small businesses and helps our communities to thrive.

Gun Violence Prevention

Children should not be afraid to go to school and parents should not be afraid to put their children on the bus. We must be safe in our homes, our neighborhoods and at work, without the constant threat of gun violence hanging over our heads. I believe support for the 2nd Amendment goes hand-in-hand with keeping the guns out of the hands of dangerous people.


Creating a Healthy Environment

Vermont is one of the cleanest, most environmentally pristine states in our country.  Our environment, and the health and economic benefits it provides, is under threat from long ignored pollution to our streams and lakes and from climate change. That’s why I voted for a long term dedicated funding source to clean up our water.

Clean, renewable energy will safeguard the health and futures of our families and communities. Weaning our economy off fossil fuels and generating more of Vermont’s energy locally not only addresses climate change, it strengthens our economy by keeping our energy dollars in-state. Cleaning up our waterways, weaning our economy off of fossil fuels, and generating more of Vermont’s energy locally not only address climate change, it strengthens our economic future. That’s why I support the Global Warming Solutions Act and the Climate Transportation Initative.

Fiercely Protecting Reproductive Rights

The decision about whether or when to become a parent is a deeply personal and private matter. Once someone has made the important and very personal decision to have an abortion, it’s not for politicians to interfere. Our job is to promote people’s health and well-being, not impose our beliefs on others. That's why PR 5 is so important, an effort I helped lead to update our state constitution to enshrine reproductive rights. Please join me in voting YES on PR 5 in November!

Healthy Families, Healthy Communities

The cost of health insurance is one of the biggest challenges faced by Vermonters. Republicans in Washington are dismantling the Affordable Care Act and cutting funding for Medicare and Medicaid. Making health insurance more affordable and ensuring Vermonters have access to treatment without barriers for drug addiction and mental health is critical.

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